Mission Trip Preparation: Rome, Italy

Dr. Kondrot sees a great many different types of eye diseases on our mission trips and no immediate availability of specialist in countries to take care of all the problems for these poor people in the countries he has visited. He decides to get more training in different specialties so he can help even more people.

First stop Rome, Italy.

Here is Dr. Kondrot with Dr. Staggerwalt who is an ophthalmologist practicing in Rome.

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Haiti Mission Trip: Setting up the operating room

Arriving at the clinic in Haiti, Dr. Kondot gets set to work immediately. We were not planning to work today, we just wanted to unpack the supplies, set up the operating room, check out the microscope and see how the sterilization station operates. But as soon as we enter the main area of the clinic, patients are waiting to be looked at. So we get down to business and start patients examination on the spot.

One patient after another, Dr. Kondrot begins one day early I guess. We are already on the ground, we might as well work!

We have a patient whose eye pressure is 60! The clinic staff is hoping dr. Kondrot can do something for her.

Looks like we have to lower her pressure right away!

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