Papua New Guinea Eye Surgical Mission Trip

This is a photo recap of week 1 on the YWAM medical ship Australia.
We are in Morobe province where the villages are not accessible by road. The ship has about 100 young volunteers from 17 countries. The volunteers get to the villages by dinghy and bring out the blind people for eye surgeries.
All together for 2 weeks of outreach we did 134 eye surgeries, pulled 200 teeth, hundreds of dental fillings, tested 100 samples and found 14 people with TB, they are being treated for TB. We give medical exam to children and adults in all the villages.
We gave out close to 2000 tooth brushes and tooth pastes. We screened close to 1000 people for eye conditions and gave out 800 pairs of reader glasses.
We taught children how to brush their teeth, adults how to take care of their health. Many new moms are taught how to care for their babies.
Young girls are given a gift bags for those special “girl days” of the month. We fix many many wounds on skin from no shoes and hitting trees and branches.
Here are some pictures of our wonderful work in Papua New Guinea!
We did so much and shared so much joy and love to the people of Papua New Guinea!
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Day of fun!

It is our day of fun today on the Island of Papau New Guinea. No surgery today so we took a trip to a beautiful waterfall on the island.

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Large Sea swells interfere with eye surgery on the YWAM ship!

We are in a protective bay but the rain and wind produced large swells that caused the ship to rock making it very challenging for delicate microcurrent surgery. Also the surgical team began to experience sea sickness!

Our ingenious captain decided to secure the stern of the boat to a palm tree on the shore. This added extra stabilization on the boat to make the eye surgery more comfortable!

Surgical patients arrive by boat!

Early in the morning patients leave the Island and travel by boat to reach the YWAM Ship. They disembark and are taken to the screening area to prepare for surgery. Operations are performed and they leave to go back to their home on the island.

Our welcome in Papau New Guinea!


Dr. Kondrot in Papua New Guinea on his eye surgical mission trip!
Here is being greeted and welcomed by the people of the village in Finschafen! We are walking through muddy roads heading to the village hospital and the village church! This is truly serving the forgotten and unreachable! We are setting up today. Surgery will begin tomorrow.
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Dr. Kondrot is on his way to Papua New Guinea for another eye surgical mission.

It will take us 6 legs of flight on 4 different airlines to get to Lae in Papua New Guinea! Tampa to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Los Angeles on American Airlines. Then Quantas Air to Brisbane. Then Virgin air to Port Moresby, then Papua New Guinea air to Goroka then finally another flight to Lae where we will board the YWAM ship that will be waiting for us. We leave the USA on Wednesday May 1st and will arrive in Lae on Friday May 3.

We are very excited and looking forward to this trip.

The islands of Papua New Guinea are not connected by bridges and the places we are going are only accessible by boat. Some islands are so remote their inhabitants have never seen a doctor in their lives.

The weather: 85 degrees and raining. Every single day same forecast!

Pray for us as we embark on this mission to bring sight back to the blind in Papua New Guinea.

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