Liberia Medical Mission

The Liberia Medical Mission (LMM)is planning a cataract campaign to Monrovia, Liberia Feb 25- Mar 12, 2021

It is a rather ambitious mission with 500 cataracts scheduled. There are 3 Operating microscopes with the necessary team to support three surgeons.

The Liberia Medical Mission is a wonderful group located in Philadelphia, PA. I served on a mission to Liberia with them several years ago, and everything was extremely well run. We are recruiting Experienced MSICS surgeons, surgical techs, and OR nurses who can help on this mission.

You will be responsible for your airfare to Liberia, and the LMM will supply hotel accommodations, transportation, and all meals.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in this mission.
Dr. Kondrot
[email protected]

Started our Surgical Campaign!

Began our eye surgical campaign today in Senegal. Helping 3 local Senegal eye surgeons. Over 100 cases are scheduled that have been delayed because of COVID. Special thanks to the great crew of the Mercy Ship.

Patients checking in for surgery
OR getting ready
Teaching Dr. Marie
Happy to be part of the Mercy Team

Arrived in Senegal!

Arrived at 11:00 PM after 2 days of travel. Pittsburgh to Miami, then to Madrid then finally to Senegal, Africa. We now need to be in strict quarantine for 48 hours before we can begin surgery.

Arriving in Senegal!

Haiti Mission June 9 to 13th!

We are resuming our essential mission work in Haiti. There has been a large backlog of cataracts and advanced glaucoma because of the COVID epidemic.

We will be helping Russ Montgomery in his Living in Faith Mission. His mission is to do outstanding work around the world.

Please pray for our success on this vital mission to help the people of Haiti. 

You can help! A 100 donation will supply all the material to bring sight to a blind person.