Mission to Angola, Jan 30 to Feb. 8, 2024

On our way to Quessua from Luanda. It’s an 8 hours drive on a 2 lanes highway that sometimes turns into a one lane dirt road. We stop on the way for lunch. The team is in great spirit.
God bless us and hoping to get to the hospital before sunset.

Feeding the children of Quessua Angola.
When the doctor serves food to the children in Angola!
We fed 500 children to a nice big lunch after church. This is the best meal of the week for most of these children.
It humbles me that such a small gesture can bring so much joy to God’s little children. Today I have found another way to serve humanity.

Church day in Angola! We receive the warmest welcome from the local church in Quessua.
There are close to 500 children in attendance ready to cheer us on. The whole village came out to celebrate and pray with us.
Prayers for a successful week ahead bringing light back to the blinds in Angola.
Bless the people in the village Quessua Angola !

Mission eye surgery to Angola.
We are interviewed for a special program on Angola national TV!
Love my American flag surgical cap!
Angola really appreciate my work in doing free eye surgery!
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Mission Eye Surgery in Angola
Just another day in the life of a humanitarian eye doctor in Angola. The power goes out suddenly in the middle of an eye surgery. We have to wait and hope that the hospital has enough fuel for the generator to kick in quickly so we can finish the operation. An iPhone quickly came to the rescue to keep us calm in the dark operating room.
Working in Africa where resources are so scarce teaches me to truly appreciate what I have in the USA.
Lucky for us today the generator did not take too long and we are able to finish the surgery successfully without any complication.
God bless this lucky patient!
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When the doctor makes house call in Africa!
After the surgery day was finished in the operating room we decided to take a drive into the villages to visit some of the patients that we had operated on the past few days to see how they are doing.
We have to go with a 4×4 jeep through muddy jungle roads to get to the mud houses.
This farmer is very happy he can see again. He looks forward to going back in the fields and work the fields again!
What a great joy to see and have his life back !
God bless him and his family!
To support our work in Africa, please go to www.sight.org/kondrot

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