Watch this crosses eye baby walk straight for the first time!

Watch this crosses eye baby walk straight for the first time! She’s 16 months old. Her eyes were so crossed inward she sees mostly her nose all the time and that makes learning how to walk straight very difficult. She bumps into things.

Dr. Kondrot performs a strabismus surgery on her and now her eyes are beautifully positioned and she can see well. She is starting to walk straight now.

Her mother is so happy. Words just can’t describe her happiness looking at her daughter with so much love.

We love helping the young children as our work takes away the social barriers this child would have faced if she grows up with such sharply crossed eyes.

We deeply thank the generous sponsors who donated enough funds for us to purchase special sutures to perform these strabismus surgeries on young children on our eye surgical mission trips.

Your generous support change this child’s life.

Watch this with a friend. Share our mission work and spread the love for Togo!

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