Arrived to Lomé, Togo at 10 PM

👍👍👍 We left Tampa on the 6 AM flight ✈️ Saturday morning and arrived to Lomé, Togo at 10 PM Sunday night local time🌎. A very long 2 weekend day journey from Florida to Africa. 💫
Immediately after disembarking from the aircraft, we must go through a checkpoint facing an infrared camera for our body temperature reading🔥. All passengers also must have proof of yellow fever vaccination. If you fail either test, you are back on the plane to go home!✈️
Then we line up to retrieve our visa.
All our equipment and supplies arrived safely. No lost baggage. 🙏
We breeze through custom without any issue. A big sigh of relief👍. I have all my paperwork ready to show the custom officers as I have been forewarned that they might stop us and ask us to pay taxes on the supplies we are bringing into the country. So far we have been very lucky 🙏 with all our mission trips, having never been stopped and detained by custom yet 👍. We hope our lucky streak continues!
We meet Meza, our in country local coordinator, right outside the arrival door.🤝
We load our bags 🧳💼 and head out 🚘 to a nearby hotel for some rest.

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