Nigerian Mission Canceled :-(

We just received notification from Nigeria, because of the election and political unrest our eye surgical mission had to be cancelled. It is very disappointing since there are several hundred blind people waiting for surgery that can restore their vision.

“A major issue about the travel just came up. We had a meeting with The Commisionner of Health, Nigerian Police force to prepare adequate security for your coming yesterday. However They advised based on security grounds that the trip be canceled because the country and state has become very turbulent due to the shifting of elections. The elections which where supposed to commence on 16th feb and 2nd of March where postponed to 23rd February and 9th March. The new dates now means the date of your visit will be during election period and already there is some news of crisis that will make the work difficult.
We regret the inconvenience caused. I believe this decision was carried to protect your team from insecurity issues that may arise during elections.
We will communicate new dates when peace and absolutely control has been reinstalled after the election. I am sorry about the cost incurred your lives and property‚Äôs mean a lot to us. I write you with tears as I feel very very sorry about the inconveniences caused. ”


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