Togo Africa Eye Surgical Mission –  The story of Epiphany.

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The story of Epiphany. He’s 11 years old. Born blind, deaf and mute. He lives in a silent and dark world. He can not hear and he can not see. He can only feel when someone touches him on his arms.
We operated on both of his eyes. Here he is after we removed his eye patches.
He is seeing for the first time!
He is looking all around him. And up at the sky. Then he cracks a smile!
What is he thinking in his head? We can only guess. His world is now opening up to seeing things around him. He can learn sign language and communicate with his parents. He can make new friends. A whole new life is waiting ahead for Epiphany.
We have 5 more children like him waiting for us to come and restore their eyesight this week.

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