We are now above the clouds. The bus has a hard time climbing.

We reached 9000 feet of altitude. We are now above the clouds. The bus has a hard time climbing. 

We have to stop a few times to add water to the engine so it does not over heat. 

Finally the engine gives in and stops climbing. 

I am not sure what technically happened. Did we lose the transmission or whatever, but our bus is now only going backward downhill? It is not climbing anymore.Β 

We all get off the bus, cross the street to a safe place to stand and wait out for a solution. 

The hospital calls us and tell us they have a hospital full of patients waiting to be seen.

As we stand on the side of the street, a bus appears. The soldiers flag it down and tell them we need a ride to Guaranda. 

They agree to take us. So we load all our bags over to the new bus and complete our trek into the city of Guaranda. 

What a miracle!

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