Monrovia Day 2 Morning reflection

We hope today we will start surgery at Redemption Hospital as planned.

I lost my bag of scrubs, so Ed says just wear my scrubs. There is nothing Dr.Ed cannot fix, even his wife wardrobe issues. I am wearing the surgeon scrubs, but I am no surgeon. Pants too long and too large, top too big but I don’t think anybody cares.

At breakfast, Ed lovingly said to me: it’s all about the look honey, I say you go to Paris and get yourself designer scrubs. Do they even make Chanel scrubs?

My top says “Dr. Kondrot”, only the Kondrot part is true, the “Dr.” part is not, but for the time being, until we find my scrubs bag, this will do.

We start again at 6 AM. The team is much earlier waking up today and we assemble here at breakfast earlier than yesterday.

Even while eating breakfast, consultation already started. There is just no break for us.

Redemption Hospital is one hour away from the hotel so we need to head out right now. The area is definitely underserved but that is what we are here for.

We are so busy, the pressure is on as we are a bit behind schedule. I hope I can calm down and meditate a bit during the drive into Redemption Hospital. So much chaos so early in the morning!

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