Surgical Eye Missions to Resume in Haiti! Oct 4th-14th!

After a 7 month stoppage because of COVID 19, will have been invited to the Living in Faith Clinic in Haiti. They have a backlog of over 200 blind Haitians due to advanced cataracts. This will be our 3rd trip to Haiti and it is always a pleasure to help our brother and sisters in Haiti. The Haitian Eye Clinic is due to the work and dedication of Reverend Russ Montgomery.

Performing Cataract Surgery
Happy post-operative patients

Need your help identifying children in Togo!

❤️❤️❤️❤️ is partnering with Peace Corps in Togo, Africa. They are looking for children with severe eye diseases needing ophthalmic surgeries.

Dr. Kondrot will be in Togo in May 2020 for adult and pediatric eye surgeries.

All surgeries are free of charge. If you know of any children in need of eye surgery and can’t afford the cost of surgery please contact at [email protected]

Honduras Mission Trip- September 2018 – Day one surgery continues

We have many interesting cases to work on in the afternoon, including a few one eye cases (where the patients have lost an eye due to trauma or other problem) and the only eye left is now losing vision due to cataract or other issues that need to be addressed.

We also have a special case request from a young woman who has lost an eye previously due to trauma, and Dr. Kondrot needs to create a tunnel so she can have a prosthesis eye inserted

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