Honduras Mission Trip- September 2018 – Day 3 Post-Op exams

The clinic is full of patients this morning.

Dr. Kondrot checks on the patients he examined yesterday, including the young fifteen years old boy. He is doing great!

Everybody is doing great, and a happy vibe is all around us. Here is Dr. Kondrot with his group of patients from yesterday.

Dr. Kondrot checks carefully for any swelling or infection after surgery. All are doing very well.

He explains to them how their newly restored eye will take some time to adjust. Now that they can see again, it takes a while for all the muscles to work again and for their vision to become sharper and clearer.


We have a one eye patient who is very happy to see again now that Dr. Kondrot has removed the cataract from the only eye he has left.

Careful instructions are given to them to use their eye drops 4 times a day post-op. We brought with us eye drop bottles to give out to make sure their post-op care is good to maximize the result of the operation. This morning’s group of patients are now all taken care of, we are going to head over to the operating room area to begin our surgical day here in El Progreso, Honduras.

A little side note about Honduras: Honduras is a Central American country located next to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Before its colonization by Spain, the Mayan civilization built stunning cities and temples throughout the region. Study at the San Felipe General Hospital estimates there are two hundred thousand Hondurans suffering from blindness. With sixty-six percent of the nation’s eight million residents living in poverty., the country faces the highest level of economic inequality in Latin America. As a result, many Hondurans cannot afford basic eye care, and many of them become unnecessarily blind.

We hope that our effort will help as many as we can to see again and become productive members of Honduras and with that, they and their family will have a better life.

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