A big Thank You from the patients in Liberia

The Thank You messages for Dr. Kondrot are pouring in. Here are a few clips.

And the next thank you is quite moving. The little girl in the picture above has quite a story to herself. Three years ago, her mother died after she gave birth to this little cute girl. The mother had Ebola. She was buried and they wanted to bury this little girl also for fear she also has Ebola.  A pastor said that cannot happen as the child is still breathing. So they put a word out to see if anybody would take her. So this daughter in the picture says she will take her. But the cost to transport the child to her is forty dollars and she doesn’t have the forty dollars. So she said if the baby can get to her by whatever means, she promised she will take good care of the baby. The baby did come to her and she nursed the baby to good health. The grandmother has been blind for twelve years. She has not seen this baby yet. She can not wait to see this baby that she has in her house for three years. The night after surgery, she did not sleep. She danced all night. She was so happy. She thanked God for her eyesight and here is the clip:

But thank you should be extended to the whole team in the operating room, who shared in the drama of the generator shutting down in the middle of many operations, the missing eyepieces,

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