Celaya Mexico Mission trip Day 1


We arrive at Del Bajio International Airport at 9:30 PM. We breeze through custom without any issue. We meet Miss Dora from the Celaya Rotary club who has a big sign “KONDROT” with her. She can not believe we get through custom so fast. Last year, the doctor was held up at custom for three and a half hours with questions about permits to bring in all the supplies. I was prepared and printed out multiple copies of our invitation letters and permits and made sure we have everything in order in case we get help up.

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Celaya, Mexico

Here we are getting ready for Celaya Mexico.

The supplies from SEE arrive at our clinic. Four huge boxes first and I manage to transfer them all into 3 big suitcases. It is quite a challenge but I use all the tricks known from all the years of traveling to stuff them all neatly into the expandable bags while keeping a keen eye out for airlines’  the weight limit of 50 pounds per bag.

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