Celaya Mexico Mission trip day 2

After a good night rest, we start day 2 bright and early as we still have quite a busy workload for day two. Breakfast at Miss Peggy consists of scrambled eggs and local tropical fruits. If we can finish all the cases for all the patients that show up today at the clinic, it would make us very happy.

The waiting room is full of people waiting for us as we arrive.

We first go in to check the pre-op patients who are all dressed and ready to go. These are the ladies patients waiting in the female pre-op waiting room.

Checking one last time before surgery.

Then we go over to the male patients waiting room.

And the day begins. Today we have help from a few local doctors who are coming and joining us to speed up the pace and get everybody done before we leave today so nobody is left with their cataract untreated.


Our first patient of the day is done!

The day goes by very fast. With help from other doctors, we can take a break for lunch today. Yeah!!!

Here is the lunch room. A light snack is prepared for the patients so they can have some food after the surgery is done.

The volunteers are preparing sandwiches for the doctors and nurses.

A deserving lunch break after a busy morning! No working without a lunch break today. What a luxury to have help!

And soon we are back to work like busy bees!

Cleaning up the surgical instruments after each case.

We get a photo op with the patients and their family.

And more patients and their families.

And by four PM, we finish our day and complete our mission. A total of seventy-five patients had their cataract removed! We are very very happy to have met our goal. It feels very good.

We get a ride back to Miss Peggy’s house for a rest after a busy day. We invited out to dinner tonight. We look forward to dinner but it is very late for us. Eight o’clock dinner. I hope we can make it. But until then, we need a nap and catch some rest.


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