How to Become a Humanitarian Eye Surgeon

Dr. Kondrot is lecturing in Rome, Italy at the Italian congress in Ophthalmology.

He is teaching his techniques for cataract removal in a mission setting and encouraging other ophthalmologists to join him in his effort to go help the blind in poor countries for people who otherwise would not have the ability to have their eyes operated on.

Dr. Kondrot has just received a lifetime achievement award for his humanitarian work and is recognized as one of the most generous doctor in giving back and caring for those who need it most.

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Honduras Mission Trip- September 2018 – Day one surgery continues

We have many interesting cases to work on in the afternoon, including a few one eye cases (where the patients have lost an eye due to trauma or other problem) and the only eye left is now losing vision due to cataract or other issues that need to be addressed.

We also have a special case request from a young woman who has lost an eye previously due to trauma, and Dr. Kondrot needs to create a tunnel so she can have a prosthesis eye inserted

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Haiti July 2018: Day 1 Surgery – Afternoon Session

We were able to operate 12 patients today because it took a while to get everything set up. The first day tends to be slower than usual as a lot of things need to be worked out. Dr. Kondrot also did a lot of exam including the little girl in the picture here with a tumor that pushed her eye out. It is growing pretty aggressively. Continue reading “Haiti July 2018: Day 1 Surgery – Afternoon Session”