Haiti July 2018: Day 1 Surgery – Afternoon Session

We were able to operate 12 patients today because it took a while to get everything set up. The first day tends to be slower than usual as a lot of things need to be worked out. Dr. Kondrot also did a lot of exam including the little girl in the picture here with a tumor that pushed her eye out. It is growing pretty aggressively.

We get together for a prayer before we start our surgical day.

And here is our first patient of the day!

And here is his eye with the cataract seen under normal light.

While we get the patient ready, the screening continues in the clinic.

And we have the first patient on the table for cataract surgery by Dr. Kondrot.

And here the cataract is delivered by Dr, Kondrot. The patient is going to see well after this surgery!

The next patient is ready for surgery. The day continues at a brisk pace. The team is super efficient.

The prep work for surgery is fast, and the team of nurses works quickly.

Dr. Kondrot’s instrument trays are prepared and ready to go so he can get on to the next case without delay.

The day’s surgery is coming along smoothly. In between cases, Dr. Kondrot takes a break from surgery to do exams on some very tough and difficult cases. Here is a little girl with a tumor in her eye that needs to be attended to.

While Dr. Kondrot Kondrot does his exams, the next patient is prep for surgery.

In the meantime, Juliana, our sixteen years old high school student volunteer is getting her first tray of instruments set up ready. She took a picture of how it should be set up on her cell phone, and double check then triple-check it while Kimber inspects her work. We always welcome volunteer on our trip to show other what it is like to be working on a medical mission trip. It has brought a lot of joy to all our volunteers who joined us.

We have our own share of problems when the generator goes up and down. When the generator shuts down, the operating room goes into complete darkness. Dr. Kondrot continues to his operation, while everybody runs around with iPhones flashlights trying to get some light on for us to function. It is complete madness. A surgeon’s nightmare when this happens.

Luckily, the surgeries all get completed without any complications. Thanks to a very calm and great surgeon and a great support team of nurses!

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