Surgical Eye Missions to Resume in Haiti! Oct 4th-14th!

After a 7 month stoppage because of COVID 19, will have been invited to the Living in Faith Clinic in Haiti. They have a backlog of over 200 blind Haitians due to advanced cataracts. This will be our 3rd trip to Haiti and it is always a pleasure to help our brother and sisters in Haiti. The Haitian Eye Clinic is due to the work and dedication of Reverend Russ Montgomery.

Performing Cataract Surgery
Happy post-operative patients

Haiti July 2018: Day 1 Surgery – Afternoon Session

We were able to operate 12 patients today because it took a while to get everything set up. The first day tends to be slower than usual as a lot of things need to be worked out. Dr. Kondrot also did a lot of exam including the little girl in the picture here with a tumor that pushed her eye out. It is growing pretty aggressively. Continue reading “Haiti July 2018: Day 1 Surgery – Afternoon Session”

Haiti Mission Trip: Setting up the operating room

Arriving at the clinic in Haiti, Dr. Kondot gets set to work immediately. We were not planning to work today, we just wanted to unpack the supplies, set up the operating room, check out the microscope and see how the sterilization station operates. But as soon as we enter the main area of the clinic, patients are waiting to be looked at. So we get down to business and start patients examination on the spot.

One patient after another, Dr. Kondrot begins one day early I guess. We are already on the ground, we might as well work!

We have a patient whose eye pressure is 60! The clinic staff is hoping dr. Kondrot can do something for her.

Looks like we have to lower her pressure right away!

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Haiti Mission Trip Preparation

We are now getting ready for our next trip. Haiti, Croix Des Bouquets, working out of the facilities of Living In Faith. We are very excited.

We connect with Russ Montgomery to coordinate out flight tickets, we are planning to fly out together as Russ is a pro at getting in and out of Haiti and wants to make sure we have a safe travel, that our supplies will get in and not get stuck at custom and of course watch over our security while we are on the ground in Haiti.

We invite Russ over for a home-cooked meal and work  on plans for the upcoming trip

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