Haiti Mission trip: Day 1 Surgery- Afternoon

After a quick break for lunch, we resume our day of surgery.

First, we have a visit with baby Leila, she comes from the nearby orphanage.

She came with a staff from the orphanage and we get to do a check up on her eyes.

it looks like Leyla has Duane syndrome. We are hoping and praying that she gets a fast adoption and can get to her parents’ house very soon so she can get all the care that she needs as she does have a number of things that need to be looked at for a complete course of treatment for her overall health.  Good luck Leyla.

We move on quickly to do pre-op for the afternoon group of patients.

After many pre=op examinations, Dr. Kondrot performs a laser procedure on a young man.

And here is a picture of the happy patient with the happy doctor.

We spend the whole afternoon in the operation room and perform all the afternoon surgeries. All goes well without any complication. it is very late in the day when we finish. We get up to the upstairs kitchen to look for dinner. We are so hungry and tired. Here is Dr. Kondrot being caught on camera with another soda pop! Two nights in a row! The truth of the matter is two-fold, first we never have any soda pops at home, second, we are so hungry and tired we need a boost of energy right away. In the afternoon heat, a cold soda does the trick for both of us.

Dinner served: french fries, baked chicken, beans, rice. We are starting to get used to this menu.

After dinner, we quickly wash ourselves racing against the generator. Once that generator shuts down, power is out, no pump, no well water, no water pressure, no air conditioning. But all those important things quickly become irrelevant as once our heads hit the pillow, we both pass out into a deep slumber. We are beaten. we are definitely happy with what we have accomplished today, all goes well beyond our expectation, we helped a lot of people but all this running around from dawn to night time is wearing us out. We need a good night’s rest. Soon, all we hear in the upstair hallway of the clinic is the thunderous snoring of both Dr. Kondrot and his wife. I kid you not: if I did not snore before, all these mission trips have made a snorer out of me. We are so tired. Until tomorrow, good night!

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