Meet and Greet with the Liberia Minister of health

7 PM: The team meets in the hotel restaurant for a team dinner, and we also have a visit tonight with Liberia’s new Minister of Health. 

We took a stroll before dinner to admire the beautiful sunset. We are both well rested and happy.

Here is Joe’s introduction of the team to the Minister of Health.

The Minister of Health gives the team a warm welcome to Liberia.

Here is Ed being greeted by the Minister of Health.

Ed taking a picture with the Minister of Health

We have a wonderful team dinner buffet style, with fresh salad.

Basmati rice and chicken curry

The whole team in the mess hall

Here is Ed’s first dinner serving.

Ed even gets a second serving. Dinner is really good.

We go straight to bed to rest for the night. The younger team members are going out. There are many things for young people to do here. They hang out by the pool or even go into the city clubbing and check out the nightlife in Monrovia. Not for us, we are still fighting the cold and we need the rest.

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