Monrovia Day 5 morning reflection

Sitting in the lobby, I hear from Joe Sackor, our coordinator for this mission talk about the praise from the patients sitting outside the operating room. They sit there waiting before and after surgery. We are too busy to visit with them so we don’t get to hear these thingsĀ first hand ourselves. We barely have just a few minutes in between operation to look at people eyes to give the go-ahead to get them scrub up for surgery. We don’t even have time for lunch let alone time to chit chat with anybody.

Patients describe to Joe how far they come to see us, the hardship they go through, some walk a long distance, some take a two days bus ride to get here. And once here, they sleep in some people’s house where they lay on the floor to sleep overnight while waiting to be seen.

Joe says he has videotaped them and he will send us the clips. He said the patients were crying when they say it, the videotaper was crying when he videotaped it, and all those who watch the videotape were crying while they watch it.

Patients are so grateful to regain their sight, some of them even say ” Are you God? Or are you sent here by God to give me back my eyesight ?”.

We feel so humbled by this work, we feel so lucky to be able to help others, we feel so grateful to be healthy and be able to do whatever we can to make an impact on other people’s lives for the better.

Little do these people know, the receiving end is us. They give us as much as we give them. I stand corrected. At times, I feel they give us much more than we give them. The big smile on their faces makes a big imprint in my heart. And no money can ever buy such a thing.

Thank you, Liberia.

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