Mission Trip Preparation: Rome, Italy

Dr. Kondrot sees a great many different types of eye diseases on our mission trips and no immediate availability of specialist in countries to take care of all the problems for these poor people in the countries he has visited. He decides to get more training in different specialties so he can help even more people.

First stop Rome, Italy.

Here is Dr. Kondrot with Dr. Staggerwalt who is an ophthalmologist practicing in Rome.

They review charts and discuss treatments for severe eye conditions.

The doctors treat each other and take measurements and record their findings.

After a lot of work at the clinic, the doctors go out for a nice dinner. When in Rome, eat like the Romans! Nothing like an Italian pizza!

And of course the famous Italian Gelato!

The next day the doctors review more charts and discuss treatments and review results and findings.

After two long days of research on eyes diseases, the doctors are treated to a wonderful dinner cooked by Dr. Staggerwalt’s wife Enza.


The two days of research data are now being sorted out by doctor┬áKondrot and he will write up an article to for all his patients in this month’s Newsletter that will be sent out to those who are subscribing to Healing The Eye Newsletter.

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