Mission Trip Preparation: Barcelona, Spain, WOC 2018 Day 4

Dr. Kondrot meets up with Dr. Glen Strauss. They talk about an opportunity for Dr. Kondrot to work on the Mercy Ship! That’s exciting!

More practice at HMS – Help Me See.

Let’s not forget it’s the FIFA world cup happening right now in Russia. We have a booth selling soccer shirt. Of course, Dr.  Kondrot comes and asks them if they carry a shirt for the French team, just to see their reaction. No, Sir, we only have Spanish team shirts here, for the French team shirts you will have to go to France.

What an wonderful way to end the Congress. Dr. Kondrot finds the contingency of  Lithuanian ophthalmologists!  They invite him to come back and visit his hometown and give a lecture to the Lithuanian Ophthalmology society.

It’s time now to say goodbye to Barcelona and move on.

At the Barcelona airport the next morning we meet up with so many attendees on their way home. It’s funny to sit in the airline club and hear words like cataract,  wet lab, exhibit hall,  glaucoma,  capsulorhexis, DMEK! We definitely are surrounded by ophthalmologists even at the airport!

And here is Dr. Kondrot relaxing in the club waiting for his flight home.

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