Monrovia day 3 report


What a day! We did seven surgeries today including repairing a traumatized iris prolapsed for a young four years old boy. We did surgery until late, even after the big generator has stopped, and the big light is out. We use the iPhone flashlight often.

By the grace of God, the team arrives safely at Redemption Hospital through the horrendous morning traffic and the crazy maneuvers of large sixteen wheelers tow truck near the entrance to the Monrovia Freeport on Somalia road. When a truck decides to do a U-turn on Somalia road, traffic on both ways comes to a standstill waiting for the large truck to finish its moves. At the midpoint of the U-turn, the truck would just cut off traffic completely going both ways and slowly makes it back and forth maneuvers until it is lined up to go in the driver desired direction. All the while, we have cars and tut-tuts and other vehicles mixed in with pedestrians peddling the things they are selling, either carrying them on their heads or pushing their coconuts and drinking water in plastic bags in wheel barrels. It is a dizzying scene and I wonder how many accidents happen a day. But amazingly, we actually have not witnessed one accident since we arrived and we have not even seen an ambulance here.

As we enter the hospital, we are reminded of the tough time in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak:

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Monrovia Mission day 2 report

Tell me a story that can top doing surgery when the generator shut off and we have to finish the operation under the light of an iPhone flashlight? Yes, Apple to the rescue in the Operating Room. Then driving against traffic in the morning at a crazy speed and driving back to the hotel in the back of a pickup truck in the dust of Monrovia Broad street!

The day started at a hectic pace. But team spirit is high!

Here we are all smiling for Day Two of the mission.

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Monrovia Mission day 1 report

We start the day at 6 AM and get back at 9 PM to the hotel. No lunch, no food and we share one small wafer! There is “intermittent fast”, “religious fast” but we are on an “unintended fast”. We were so hungry by the time we raided the dinner buffet set up

Another patient is waiting in the dining hall to be checked by Ed. We are so exhausted we have to tell him to come back the next day.

We hit the bed and passed out with exhaustion.

Note: I type this report at 7 AM  on day 2 morning and I have to head out to Redemption Hospital. I am loading some picture and will come bad and add more details tonight.

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Preparation for an early start tomorrow morning

Unpacking three thousand pairs of glasses. Forty boxes of medicine and supplies and total chaos from the supporting team before start date tomorrow! Chaotic but fun! Team spirit is high as we get ready to start our work tomorrow morning.

First of, a breakfast of champions!

A standard breakfast buffet with hot bacon, eggs, sausages and assorted fruits.

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Monrovia Mission begins!

We wake up early this morning, well adjusted to local time. Ed is fighting a  hacking cough all night. He head down for a Liberian breakfast comprised of two kinds of yuca, white and orange. Yuca is a root often grown in tropical countries, eaten like we eat potatoes in America. Breakfast also comes with a serving of fish stir-fried with cabbage. I opt to sleep in again, trying to get some more rest as I am also fighting the same cold Ed is having.

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