Preparation for an early start tomorrow morning

Unpacking three thousand pairs of glasses. Forty boxes of medicine and supplies and total chaos from the supporting team before start date tomorrow! Chaotic but fun! Team spirit is high as we get ready to start our work tomorrow morning.

First of, a breakfast of champions!

A standard breakfast buffet with hot bacon, eggs, sausages and assorted fruits.

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Monrovia Mission begins!

We wake up early this morning, well adjusted to local time. Ed is fighting a  hacking cough all night. He head down for a Liberian breakfast comprised of two kinds of yuca, white and orange. Yuca is a root often grown in tropical countries, eaten like we eat potatoes in America. Breakfast also comes with a serving of fish stir-fried with cabbage. I opt to sleep in again, trying to get some more rest as I am also fighting the same cold Ed is having.

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Last rest day before heading to Monrovia

The last rest day in Paris.

It is cold this morning. Very very cold. When Ed comes in from his run, his hands are like two blocks of ice. He tells the clerk at the front desk there is “un froid royal extraordinaire” (a cold royal and extraordinary) and she laughs really hard. The French like to put the word “royal” to describe anything extra large, big or huge.

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Taking off in a snowstorm, landing in thick fog

Packing for this trip has been challenging. We like to fly American Airlines out of Tampa, Florida, our home-based airport. However, American Airlines does not fly into Liberia. We have to get ourselves to Paris—nineteen hours of travel time by itself—stay over in Paris, then catch another flight from Paris to Liberia—another twelve hours of travel time. If we were to depart on a Saturday, we would arrive in Liberia on a Tuesday.

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